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Find Great Places & Tenants on DOMMMA

Interact, chat and inquire through DOMMMA's chat tool to save you time in finding the best living situation for you and your family.

Tenants and Landlords can communicate, share and store documents, receive rental reminders and pay online from their customized portal.

Don't break your lease, assign it! DOMMMA's Assignment listings reduce vacancies and allow people to live where they love.

Quit filling out tedious applications by creating a single DOMMMA Rental Profile and apply to your favourite listings in seconds.

Post your property as a Month-to-Month, Short-term and Long-term listing simultaneously with just one listing creation. 

Send, receive, sign and store all the important documents for your tenancy for safe and secure storage. Save time with easy to fill-out templates!

Find Better Tenants

Creating and publishing your listing in minutes allows you to begin collecting applications in no time. Chat with your applicants to find the best match for both parties.

Showcase the amenities of your property with easy to load images and share your listing on multiple platforms. 

Tenant/Landlord Portal

Everything you need to manage your relationship with your tenant and landlord is available in your DOMMMA Tenant/Landlord Portal. 

Instant chat, document storage and sharing, online rent payment with reminders and lease expirations. It's never been easier to rent! 


Maybe you need to move for work, or you finished school. Or you are moving in with a new partner. Sometimes you are simply not happy with your existing situation. There are millions of reasons to move on from your lease.

Traditionally, people would need to 'break their lease', causing a headache for themselves and their landlord, exposing both parties to up to thousands of dollars in losses. 

Rental Resume

Quit filling out tedious applications by creating a single DOMMMA Rental Profile and apply to your favourite listings in seconds. 

Download to send in an email, or print for an in-person handout. 

Flexible Lease Lengths

By listing your rental property on DOMMMA you are able to attract more tenants as you are opening your rental to multiple segments of the renting community. 

On DOMMMA you can market your listing for Month-to-Month, Short-term and Long-term stays simultaneously.

Online Applications & Documents

Rental Applications, Rent Payment Receipts, Move-In Checklists, Landlord Templates: All of these headache-inducing parts of renting are simplified using DOMMMA. Quickly file, share and save your documents in one easy place. 

With secure and easy storage, you will always be able to check and confirm the legal documents that go along with renting.

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How DOMMMA Works


Search for a place

Post your place

Start browsing for the perfect place. Filter by your needs, budget, length of lease, type of home and much more. Save your favourites to your DOMMMA Profile.

Create your listing in minutes with photos and details on your place. Set your rent and chose your lease length. Include your preferred viewing dates how you can be contacted and then publish your posting.


Send applications

Review applicants

Share your Dommma Rental Profile with the landlord and provide the preferred date to visit the location. Then sit back and wait for a response from the home owner.

You'll be notified as soon as you've received an application from your potential new tenant providing all the information you require. Keep track and store all your applications in your DOMMMA Dashboard.


View the listing

Select your tenant

Meet your potential new landlord and walk-through the place. Finalize the terms of your lease, sign the paperwork and accept the keys. Backup all your documents on your DOMMMA Profile and Tenant/Landlord Portal.

With easily transferred applications and instant chat you can find the perfect tenant for your rental. DOMMMA's agreement templates, forms and storage tools help to keep you organized too.


Rest easy

Keep organized

Enjoy your new living situation! Using DOMMMA's Tenant/Landlord Portal you can simply communicate and keep track of all maintenance requests and rental payments.

Following your tenant moving in, you can record rental payments, along with any other documentation on your DOMMMA Tenant/Landlord Portal. Receive reminders for rent deposits and lease expiration too.  


Movin' on

Re-post in a flash

When you are ready to move-out, walk-through your place with your landlord, collect your deposit and begin your searching again.

When your tenant's lease is expiring access your listing and republish in seconds to keep your income steady and vacancies at zero.


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List on Dommma free for 14 days. By entering your email, you agree to receive marketing emails from Dommma.

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